Trust & Safety

Consumers trust and look up to industry authorities and influencers though they may not realize it or refer to these people as industry authorities or influencers. But influencer marketing has seen its popularity grow substantially in a short time.

Get an authority to share your content socially

A social share from a respected name in your industry acts as a vote of confidence in the quality of your content, and is a quick and reliable way to gain your audience’s trust.

Get an authority to contribute to your content

Instead of mentioning an authority based on their previously published insight or general expertise, approach them while you’re writing an article. Ask if they have any thoughts on the topic that they’d like to share with you and your audience.

When people contribute to a piece of content, they’re likely to share the finished piece. More importantly, the simple fact that an authority has taken time out of their day to contribute to your work succeeds in creating perceived authority with your audience.